Arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving


It is never too early to start children with fun art projects, which is why you need to get some ideas for arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving.

Even these little guys can create fun arts and crafts for the Thanksgiving holiday that can decorate both the classroom as well as your own home. Arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving projects are not as difficult as you might think because most children in kindergarten can use scissors, glue, and color. Here are a few we are fans of:

A great project for arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving is to make a Thanksgiving card for them to take home. All you need is a piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Have the child trace his or her hand on the front of the card. Let them color the thumb brown which is the turkey’s head.

This is a side view, by the way. The fingers are the turkey feathers and they should be multi-colored. Have them draw on an eye and a red wattle. On the inside of the card, have this poem pre-printed and let them paste it in:

This isn’t just a Turkey
As anyone can see,
I made it with my hand
Which is part of me.
It comes with lots of love
Especially to say,
I hope that you have a very

Here is a great arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving project that will take a little time to prepare but will be awfully special for the big day. Go outside and find a small twig with a few branches still on it. In an empty, clean soup can, pour in plaster of Paris and stick the twig into the center.

Let dry. Have several leaves available that are cut out of construction paper. Every morning, have the child write something they are thankful for and then hang from the tree. If you start this out at the beginning of November, by Thanksgiving Day, you’ll have a great table center piece!

Get together a lot of ideas for arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving. If you are a teacher, try a few different ones each year. If you are a parent, you have new ideas from year to year.

Either way, you will have some great crafts you can count on as your child grows because even though they are arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving, your child can still make them at any age, they just look better and better as time moves on!


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